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It is a well-known fact that Soccer is the one of the most played, watched and bet on sports anywhere in the world. For many years, the game of soccer has captured the attention of Australian betting enthusiasts. Because of its global appeal and international acclaim, Australian soccer fans can watch and bet on just about any professional soccer match any time of the year.  With most matches being televised, punters can enjoy live results and betting action. Today online soccer betting has become one of the most popular categories of sports betting in Australia and around the world. With its easy to understand game play a wide variety of betting options, soccer betting is a fun way for anyone to win money online

One of the most attractive features of soccer betting is the multitude of bets available to online punters. In Australia, punters can bet on on the outcome of matches, tournaments and even bet on the performance of individual players. For those who are new to soccer sports betting, here is a list of the most popular online soccer bets.

  • A straight bet on which team will win the game
  • A straight bet on which team will win the tournament
  • Bets to determine who will win a series
  • Which half will have the most points scored
  • Betting on the half time or final score
  • Betting on which teams will win in the first or second half (called an Asian handicap)
  • Bets on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals scored
  • Bets to determine the total number of goals scored in the game
  • Betting on which player will score the first goal
  • Bets on which players will score the final goal of the game
  • Bets across multiple matches
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The Basics of Soccer Betting

Probably the best way for any novice sports bettor to begin betting on soccer is to keep it simple. For those who are new to soccer betting, a straight bet on a winning team is a good place to start. After a few basic win/loss bets, a punter can start trying out more complicated types of soccer bets. If you are an avid soccer fan and know the history of each team and the relative player statistics, you can easily bet on individual goal scorers and total number of goals. For those Australians who want to make a game more interesting, placing an Asian handicap bet will increase the excitement of every half.

Choosing the Right Soccer Team

Every Australian soccer fan has their favourite soccer team, but when it comes to soccer betting, punting your own team isn’t always the best bet. To increase your odds of winning, serious soccer punters need to consider the history and match statistics of each team. Expert opinions and match history is the best way to determine which team will have a higher chance of winning a match or series. Other aspects like injuries and home ground need to be considered for every match as even the smallest of things cans shape the outcome of a soccer match. If you are interested in soccer betting and want to get started, you can find the best Australian online bookmaker sites right here.

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