NRL Betting Online in Australia

NRL betting allows Aussie punters to bet on the National Rugby League and support their favourite national pastime. Australian bettors can find the best sports books on the sites listed here and can bet casually or on a more expert level. The NRL supports one of the strongest betting markets out there and often even eclipses horse racing betting as a betting option. Rugby is a team sport and as such offers many different components to consider before placing a bet. The NRL is comprised out of 16 clubs in total, all vying for the top spot. The entire league operates in a single group system unlike American Football for example. NRL betting benefits from the fact that there are no divisions or conferences which means that literally any team, regardless of the need to champion a category, has the opportunity to play in the final match.

There may be a variance in the betting options that you will be offered from site to site but most sites have standard NRL bets that you can place on any NRL event. The average Aussie punter will choose to place NRL bets on a single team to win a single match but the options on offer are much more versatile than that. Another common betting option is to simply bet on a single player’s performance in a given match. More exotic options are also available like the option to bet with Asian handicaps which ignores the points scored in the first half.

The sites listed here will offer you the very best sports books and NRL betting tips available to Aussie punters. We’ve done the hard work for you! Since all the sites offer NRL betting tips and options on the NRL, you simply have to select a site that offers the most competitive odds for the team and bet you want to place. Some sites may even offer you bonus NRL bets or promotional products as incentive since NRL betting is so popular in Australia.

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NRL Bets On Premiership Tournaments

NRL betting gets very heated and exciting around the NRL tournaments which take place twice a year. This often means that the NRL premiership betting options on offer become even more tantalizing and complex. Brackets are initiated on Australian online bookmaker sites which allow punters to bet on single matches within a given tournament. The more exotic the bet, the less likely the NRL betting odds but this also means greater payouts if you select a successful punt.

Best NRL Betting Odds

For many Aussie punters, the NRL bets they place rely as much on emotion and loyalty as they do on statistics and information. Local bookmakers need to take the fact that local teams in NRL betting may be far more supported (regardless of the NRL betting odds) into account when offering ratings whereas national bookmakers like the highly recommended sports books listed here could offer far better NRL betting odds, averaged out across the national median. Try one of these sites today for the best sports books in NRL punting for Aussies!

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