Basics of the NFL Betting in Australia

NFL betting, otherwise known as the National Football league, bets on the highest level of American football.  It is an international phenomenon that has exploded over the globe with regards to punting and coverage. Australian punters can easily bet on their favourite NFL teams (or teams selected through objective strategies) at these online sites that offer the best sports books. Traditionally, the NFL season runs from September to February. The league is divided into the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) with 16 teams in each. Each of these is further divided into four separate leagues determined by their geography. The ‘regular’ season lasts for a total of 17 weeks at which point 12 teams qualify for the play-offs. The play-offs culminate in the Super Bowl which is an international attraction for sports fans and punters alike.

NFL betting has a vast variety of options and markets for Aussie punters. The simplest of the gambling options would be the head-to-head betting option. It is simply placing a punt on the outcome of a game using the odds given on the choice of a NFL championship game (regardless of whether it is regular season or the play-offs). The Australian online bookmakers listed on these sites can offer you the very best odds!

A unique and interesting aspect of betting on the NFL is called line betting. You simply bet on a handicap or head start in a singular game. This form of NFL betting involves one team having a points head start and the opposing team having a points handicap. For example, Green Bay -8.5 v Pittsburgh +8.5 means that if you bet on Green Bay, they will need to win by 9 points or more in order for your punt to be successful.

If you bet ahead of the time (to be rewarded in the future hence the name) meaning before the season starts or during the early rounds, you can place a bet on who you think will win the Super Bowl or the NFL AFC Championship games. You can continue to bet during the season too, although the rewards on your NFL betting could be less. You can also place Super Bowl bets on who you think will win their respective divisions.

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NFL Team Form and Information

Before placing a bet you should be aware of the team’s form. This means accessing information on suspensions, injuries, wins, losses and even how well a team acclimates to certain weather conditions.

Salary Caps and How It Influences Betting

The NFL operates under a salary cap, much like the NRL betting and AFL bets here in Australia. This makes betting so much more interesting since teams are forced to coach talent and use imaginative recruiting techniques instead of simply buying up all the star players.

Super Bowl or NFL AFC Championship Games

NFL betting finds its peak during the Super Bowl games or NFL AFC Championship games which is the pinnacle of the entire play-offs season. Aussie punters can place bets on the biggest event in American Football at one of these recommended sites for the best sports books!

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