Horse Racing Tips Australia

Horse racing tips can be invaluable to all bettors, novice and expert alike. Using these tips at one of our top rated Australian online bookmakers could help you make stronger bets. Apart from Australian football punting, betting on horse races is the most popular form of betting for Australians. The thrill of the race mixed in with the chance to increase your odds at success with calculated information and risk makes winning a horse race bet so much more exciting. Scanning through these tips may help you familiarize yourself with the various aspects there are to consider when placing a horse bet and could better your betting chances. Horse racing tips come in all forms and in order to achieve the best results it is recommended that you read through these tips and apply them to your own betting strategy.

The first step and probably the most obvious tip would be to make yourself as knowledgeable about the different types of bets available to you. In horse racing there are a myriad of bets you could place and knowing not only what each option means but being able to consider whether this is the best bet for you to make will be your first step in placing a horse racing bet. Horse racing tips can only guide you, so here is a quick summary of the types of bets you can place:

  • Win and/or Place bets – either select the winner of the race or determine the horse that your feel will finish in 2nd or 3rd Good racing tips will help you determine the right combination of these two bets or in fact which horses or races to bet on.
  • Exotic bets – These bets include quinellas, exacta bets, trifectas and more. Use racing tips to examine all the possibilities and decide which if these fun options work for you.
  • Multi bets – doubles, trebles, parlays and other variations fall into this category. Horse racing tips should explain how these bets work over multiple races and how to use this tyoe of bet to your advantage.
  • Other bets – Unique bets are sometimes on offer and if you ever feel uncertain, simply consult your racing tips.
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Horse Racing Tips – Analysing the Stats

The next step in making online bets using one of these top Australian sports books would be to analyse the data and statistics on offer. Now that you know which type of bet you would like to place and have familiarized yourself with the process involved with this specific bet, you need to select a horse (or multiple horses) to bet on. Since luck and chance always play a role in betting, you may want to opt for a ‘gut feeling’ bet. This is perfectly acceptable. However, if you prefer to strengthen your odds then horse racing tips can help you to establish a choice bet. You will need to consider the following information:

  • The horse – detailed specifics on the horse’s track history, training and more.
  • The jockey – A jockey will influence the horse’s ability to win and should always be considered in the combination.
  • The track – Some tracks offer more favourable conditions to certain horses. These elements may influence the race strongly.

Whatever you decide, know that good racing & sports tips can help you place stronger bets and keeping informed might give you the edge you need to make the best winning bets.


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