Crown Oaks Day Betting Online in Australia

While Australia does host a vast array of world class horse racing competitions, Crown Oaks day has started rising in popularity, and is beginning to rival even the traditionally more widely recognized Australian horse racing events. The longstanding tradition it is steeped in, combined with its own modern twists, makes it an exciting day not only for Australian punters, but individuals who enjoy placing bets on world class horse races all over the world.

The first year Crown Oaks day was held was 1861, and the Victoria Racing Club was the venue. Occurring on the first Thursday following the conclusion of the Melbourne Cup, it has rapidly become one of the more popular races to bet on for Australian punters. Previously known as the VRC Oaks, this race started its rise in popularity back in 1962, when, in an attempt to lure more women to the track, Fashions on the Field was begun. This worked, and the tradition has spread to a number of horse races very far afield, and, even though it occurs on a day the majority of Australians have to work, attendance is on the rise. For those who can’t get the day off, Australian bookmakers make online betting an option, and so no one need ever miss a wager again.

A variety of events make up Crown Oaks day, and Australian punters can bet on anything from horse racing betting to fashion events. Gentlemen have recently started raising the fashion stakes, and there are a number of contests for best dressed individuals on the day. As fun as these sidebars may be, the real reason a punter is attending these races, whether virtually or in person, are for a display of some of the finest thoroughbreds in the world, and the races are divided into various groups in order to make sure the best bets are available to interested parties.

Four and five year horse races are available, as well as four and five year old mares, greys, and races that offer no restrictions at all. Probably the most popular however is the Group One races, featuring three year old fillies competing on a 2 500 metre track. With a prize of 1 million Australian dollars, it is not difficult to see why this Crown Oaks event is so popular, and the odds change right up to the minute the winning horse crosses the finish line.

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Crown Oaks Day Betting – An online Advantage

Thanks to the races that occur before Crown Oaks day, punters have a small advantage when the betting begins. All the previous showings are available, and one can easily determine whether a horse is hitting its stride or losing its momentum when these races begin. The excitement of placing bets as a result of strict analyses of trainers, riders and the horses taking part is undeniable, and the tighter odds offer punters another layer of enjoyment when Crown Oaks day comes round.

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