Sunday School

Sunday School classes are held during worship.  Children leave the sanctuary for Sunday School after the "Time with Young Disciples."  Once downstairs, children sit in a semi-circle and have a group opening where songs are sung, poems read, The Lord's Prayer is recited, prayers are said, and an offering is collected. 


Our Sunday School Teachers:

1st Sunday of the Month:  Sharon Gunusky

2nd Sunday of the Month:  Yvonne Plastaras

3rd Sunday of the Month:  Pat Watson

4th Sunday of the Month:  Rochelle Haviland

5th Sunday of the Month:  Irene Stepto


What is Going on in Sunday School (Excerpt from May-June-July 2017 newsletter):


Terry Lawrence and the Sunday School children presented a beautiful Easter Program on Palm Sunday.  Thanks to the Easter Bunnies all who donated toys and candy, helped fill the eggs.  15 children enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt filling 2 or 3 baggies with goodies.  They were so wonderful....Asking if there would be enough if there would filled another bag.  Moms and Dads are doing a great job-teaching the children to think of others before themselves.

We received a thank you note from Joyce Malicky from Wayne Memorial Hospital saying that the Get Well Gags are greatly appreciated.

The Noisy collection will start once school is out, and I believe Joyce Johns will be visiting again.  Save up your change.

It's almost time to work on the flower gardens.  Check your gardens for perennials that need thinning.  Our Sunday School children enjoy planting and making the church look beautiful.  

The Sunday School children are working on a Sunday School Journal.  Each Sunday after our lesson they will write or cut and paste a picture to represent the main theme for that day.  Thanks to Yvonne for the idea.

Our children will again will be planting a tomato or cucumber plant after the chance of frost is behind us.  The Youth activities are being planned for the summer.  Please give any ideas to Pastor Blackie, Sharon Gunuskey or Pat Watson.  Our Youth will be selling hotdogs at the yard sales.

"Nurture my Garden, Nurture my Soul"



 We are so proud of our Sunday School Class.  The Mission committee gave the kids a challenge.  To create "Get Well Bags" for children who have to go to the hospital.   They kids were amazing.  The kids decorated the bags with drawings and stickers.  They then filled the bags with wonderful things such as crayons, coloring books, games, small toys and more.  These bags are to help the kids and possibly distract them when they are in the Emergency room and to give them courage.  The kids had a great time and can't wait to make some more!  What a great example they are to all of us!!!!

       We received a beautiful letter from the administrator at Wayne memorial Hospital stating that the little patients, the parents, nurses and doctors in the emergency room really appreciated the Get Well Bags.




We found out on Sunday, September 4, 2016 how much our Sunday School kids raised this summer with the Noisy Collection for Joyce Johns Missionary Work in Cambodia.  The kids raised an amazing $430.50.  WOW!  That is Awesome.  That is all from loose change.  Great job kids.  We are so proud of you.  



June 28, 2017




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